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Success is a harmony of purpose, resilience and joy. The key to success is to focus your conscious mind on things you desire not the things you fear. Life’s all about curveballs, and 2020 had quite frankly been one big curveball and 2021 wasn’t so different. Many people have had to put their dreams on hold, make a shift in their goals, and get clarity on what’s important to them. The reality we’re currently facing may look a lot different than what we had envisioned. Despite the challenges we may have faced in the past two years, 2022 is finally the time to start working on our long lost dream and measure what success means to us.

What does success really mean, and how will you know when you’ve achieved it? Well, that depends on how you measure success. Regardless of what you want to achieve in your business or personal life, the way you measure success will dictate whether you feel you’ve achieved your goals. If success is a moving target, with the finish line always just beyond your reach, it’ll impact everything from motivation to perseverance. If it’s measured simply by a specific financial goal or job title or the square footing of your house, you’ll find the rewards rather empty once you attain it.

You first need to understand how to embrace this simple concept called “The Gap and the Gain” which was developed by legendary entrepreneur coach Dan Sullivan and is based on his work with tens of thousands of successful entrepreneurs. Depending on which method you choose, you’ll either be in “The Gap,” where you’re never satisfied with your progress, or “The Gain,” where you feel satisfied, fulfilled, and happy with your progress. It’ll fundamentally change the way you think about success and progress in your life and business. Another added bonus of this concept is that it’ll affect everyone else around you and your work. It rewires your brain to focus on your past progress and wins, which will help you recognize the success of those around you. It’ll make you a more positive, optimistic person.
Now let’s look at some of the empowering ways to measure success:

1. How well you adapt to challenges

Past years have been full of intense challenges both individually and collectively. You may not be doing what you thought you’d be this year, but each obstacle you overcome builds one of your greatest strengths you can have, adaptability. Adapting to challenging situations allows you to take control of your life, which ultimately helps to achieve your goals. Although you may have felt like certain areas of your life are out of control but you need to look at how you adapted and grew in the face of adversity. For example, during the pandemic, many people were sitting discouraged after losing their jobs, while many started running their small businesses from their homes.

2. How much your skills and knowledge have improved

You have a deep reservoir of ability and potential within you, when you take the time to brush-up your skills and expand your knowledge, you’ll feel closer to achieving your goals. Don’t fall into the trap of comparison. Try to only compare yourself to your past self, and track the growth you’ve made as an individual. You can measure success not just by getting a promotion or starting a new project, but by tracking how you’ve improved overall (from the past version of you up until now). Your personal and professional life will overlap, so when you develop your skills in one area, the effects ripple out. Through education and experience you increase your skill level and your ability to succeed in the field of your choice. Think of all the lessons you’ve learned both personal and professional. If you’ve listened, learned, and implemented change for the better, that’s success.

3. How much time you spend doing what you love

Success is often associated with a fancy job or your salary, but of course, if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. That’s not to say that you won’t need some grit, stamina, and a solid work ethic to get you where you want, but spending time doing what you love makes the process that much more enjoyable. Your conscious habits and activities help increase your personal development. Spending time doing what you love helps bring you closer to seemingly unrelated goals, by increasing your quality of life. When you’re feeling fulfilled and empowered, you’ll be more creative, helping you reach professional goals more efficiently.
For example, if you’re passionate about your job, you’re likely to take an active interest in learning every aspect of the business. This not only sets you on the path towards success, but also helps you get through the daily grind.

4. How people you respect would describe you 

One of the most fulfilling ways to measure success is by reflecting on how the people you respect the most would describe you. When the people in your life talk about you, it speaks to your character. The more enjoyable you are to be around and work with, the more doors will open for you. You want to strive to always be a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday. When you push yourself to make a difference in the world, to be significant, and to have a positive impact on those around you, success comes naturally. So ask yourself, are you working towards becoming the person you want to be?

5. How much progress you’ve made 

Last, and certainly not the least, take a look at what you’ve accomplished. You don’t have to finish the big goal to be considered successful. Success can be measured in increments. Each little milestone achieved, every task crossed off a to-do list, takes you one step closer to reaching your biggest aspirations. One little move in the right direction can ripple out to help you reach your biggest dreams. What steps are you taking daily to help you become more successful weekly or monthly? It all adds up. There’re various tools available online which help you to keep a track of your daily, weekly or monthly tasks like Trello, Teamweek etc.

After learning about these simple ways to measure success, you must be pumped to start your journey towards success. That’s great! But before that you need to remember that others can only show you various paths, give their opinions and their tricks but there’s no textbook rule to achieve or measure success. It all comes with learning and gaining experiences. Only your consistency and hard work will tell your fortune.

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