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KAOAPH (pronounced kay-op), a Pune-Atlanta-based jewelry brand exudes a minimal yet youthful, contemporary yet classic vibe! Their jewelry resonates with anything associated with timelessness and sensuous designs along with utmost dedication to quality and sustainability, and their latest installment is like a dream! ENUFF spoke with its founder Rudrali Gupta and this is what unfolded –

What’s the story behind Kaoaph?

From Indiana to India-

KAOAPH was founded in 2018 with a vision to push the boundaries of what jewelry is and can be; both by providing unrivaled affordability and minimal chic designs to the growing new-gen audience, who are now embracing conscious consumption and progressive fashion. Born in India, but with a profound passion for traveling, I spent most of my time traveling to North America, Mexico, western, southern, and eastern Europe, and South East Asia, and now settled in India, a lot of my thinking is influenced by my time in Indiana in the US. My prolonged stay in West Lafayette, highly inspired and motivated me to start my own venture. My Deep passion for jewelry and the longing to work closely in the design process along with an expression to explore the craftsmanship of jewelry, led me to launch my own label. I have a prodigious taste for contemporary art and minimalism. I am inspired by the innovative aesthetics of contemporary jewelry. I believe jewelry is a form of personal expression, an extension of one self. Each of my jewelry pieces is inspired by travel, speaks of a story, has a history behind it, with a rich boundless aesthetic.

I simply adore design, am inspired by art, and am allured by anything minimal around me, which I exhibit in my jewelry. In our short journey so far, we are honored to be seen in Elle and Vogue India, Fashion Gone Rogue along with other publications; now the company has offices in Pune and Atlanta. We see this as a validation of our commitment to excellence and quality.



What inspired your current collection?
Our current collection, Sweet Somethings, is inspired by the summery tones and easy styles people like to accessorize for their vacations. The pastel shades, and the diverse variety of semi-precious crystals we have used for this collection, transports you to a sandy beach or a quick soak under the sun that you have been longing for.

Noise of Gold – Plated in lustrous 22 Karat glistering and matte finish gold, the collection Noise of Gold circles around statement contemporary styles that stand to be the new age collector’s choice favourites. Cosmopolitan and chic, and experimental in all its form, this collection consists of some of our bestsellers like Mercado, Spirals, Buzz Off, Buzzy, Oltrarna, Maple and so much more – each design enriched with versatility and packed with conscious materials and thoughtful spirits.


What materials are used to make your jewelry? Where do you source them from?
KAOAPH is proud to be ethical and transparent in its well-doings. We take an extra effort to responsibly choose our materials to design pieces that spark dialogues. Our jewelry is made of 92.5 sterling silver, which is then plated in 18-22 Karat Yellow Gold/ Rose Gold. Further, we do an e- coating on all the jewelry pieces, which helps protect from wear and tear. It’s basically an extra layer of protection to prevent scrapes and scratches that may otherwise happen without it. All of our jewelry pieces are lead and nickel free, hence making them skin friendly as we are responsible for our materials. Our products are sourced from all across the country, and our pearls are freshly sourced from Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

You mentioned that you’re a zero-waste brand. Could you elaborate on how you’re rightly so?      

We absolutely do not mass produce – we make limited quantities as per the demand for our styles and collections and advocate the idea of conscious and thoughtful consumption. Any excess material is given back to the hands of our artisans, who then recycle it to make a new set of styles for us. We also pertain to minimal machine usage as most of our products are handmade.

What inspires you in general to design your products?
I am very inspired by my travels, the people I see and meet, their lives, and the landscapes. Travel stands to be one of the core inspirations that drove me to start KAOAPH, in the first place. All the unconventional ideas to create pieces that send a message and spark dialogue is what I and KAOAPH as a whole stand for.

What are some of your favorite pieces?
My first pick would have to be Buzz Off, hands down! The piece is extremely versatile, is quite the statement on its own, and was an absolute joy to design. Buzz off has received a massive amount of love and appreciation and has been one of our top bestsellers.
I personally love to layer my pearls, especially Coraline, Briny, and Briny mini. They are my no-brainers, go-to styles that sit well with everything. It is also a constant recommendation I give to people who are looking for something easy yet chic with a side of classic. I also enjoy some color blocking with pop tones that stands out as a head-turner statement – and Ames would be my pick for that. An unconventional pairing of subtle pastel tones of pink and blue immediately elevates your look and completes it!


Where do you retail other than your website?
You can find our modern classic demi-fines online on LBB, The Loom, BrandNew, Tanzire, Flipkart, and Amazon. To shop our pieces in-store, you can grab them at Café Paashh (Kalyani Nagar, Pune) and Coral Concept Store (Ballygunge, Kolkata). We are now going to be a part of exclusive niche offline stores like Paper Boat Collective (Bardez, Goa), Greenstraw House (Thaltej, Ahmedabad), and Sava Goodness (Kemp’s Corner, Mumbai). You can also soon shop our collaboration of classic demi-fines on online platforms such as IN-D and Upcycle Luxe.

Tell us a little bit about your packaging and its uniqueness.
Our packaging denotes luxury and minimalism. We follow a striking black and red color combination that speaks of the luxurious and imaginative brand tones, just like our logo. Our logo is also placed horizontally to show through while carrying the box. Our boxes have soft added cushioning to protect the jewelry and ribbons on the box attached for easy sliding. Our packaging is multifunctional, as we follow a no-waste policy and our aim is to create an unboxing experience for every package with the little add-ons we provide.


What’s your personal approach to sustainability in the fashion industry?
We follow a zero-waste approach wherein we don’t mass produce and tend to make as per the demand of products. We buy raw materials from people who do not require them anymore, and then we reuse them to create something new and meaningful, in order to reuse them in some parts of the jewelery-making process or sometimes jewelry itself. Be it tweed, reclaimed wood, or fabrics, we believe in upcycling them to every extent possible.

What type of person do you design for?
We design for every shade, every mood, and every personality of a woman. We strive every day to portray a story through the designs, to make it feel like a statement piece yet a versatile style. KAOAPH aims in pushing the boundaries of what jewelry is and can be. Our designs speak for themselves and we put our attention to detail – we design and create for people who understand, and appreciate the language of design. When you buy our jewelry, you are not just buying a piece of it, you are being a part of the story, an experience, and a lot of thoughtfulness.
Jewelry is a form of self-expression and be it a virtual meeting, brunches, casual settings, or an AM to PM outing – there is a modern classic for every kind of you.

We’d love to hear about anything else you’d like to bring attention to! Any future plans regarding Kaoaph?
To stimulate and brace on our brand’s personality, our goal for 2022 is to reach more and build in our niche community, reaching a larger market through our USP- exclusive urban edgy designs. KAOAPH is already a part of big and growing brands, stockists, marketplaces, and publications. Our aim is to create an impactful identity with more relevant platforms and channels like Enuff Mag, Svasa Mag, etc. KAOAPH is only seeing accelerated growth, constantly building the best of the team and acquiring new customers across the globe in a full whirlwind. Furthermore, we see our brand doing exclusive editorials with fashion, lifestyle, and jewelry magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, etc), and only to inspire joy, confidence and bring a smile to every woman through our jewelry.

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