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Kombucha, a favourite drink nowadays among health enthusiasts and sportspersons , first debuted a thousand years ago in China (can you believe!?). Circle back to today and there’s Bhu Kombucha, a New Delhi based kombucha brewing company that is bringing it to us with a flavourful twist. Here they spill the tea!:

What inspired you to begin BhuKombucha?

Bhu started in 2018 as a brand in the form you know it today. But I had been brewing kombucha before that for a few years whilst working on my fiction. I had taken some time off from my job as a freelance journalist to slow down and become more interior in my writing. And as I faced rejection after rejection this SCOBY grew taking over everything. The first one came in from Boston with my uncle who brought it to my cousin (his daughter), who then introduced it to me. I was making kombucha before anyone knew what kombucha was around me, but people loved it (then a much more acidic version of what we make today).
The name Bhu came from the name of our great grandmothers and mothers and also from the word  Bhumi, earth.

When and where did you have your first Kombucha? 

Hmm, I actually can’t remember! Maybe it was my cousin? Maybe I tried some when I was travelling.   

Kombucha as a concept is still very new to the Indian market. Could you tell us what Kombucha essentially is, its main ingredients and how it’s made? What are its health benefits? 

We use organic green tea from Assam, organic sulphur, less sugar, carefully chosen, and – sourced as locally as possible with 100% all-natural botanicals, fruits, and spices.
Bhu Kombucha is fermented in small batches for two weeks and then flavoured with the freshest fruits and spices. Our core belief is that you are what you eat & drink, which is why our ingredients are 100% natural and clean. Bhu steers far away from the nasties – artificial flavours, chemicals, or preservatives (fermentation in itself is the most beautiful form of natural preservation!)

We believe that your gut is like a garden. Bhu is loaded with probiotics that introduce good bacteria into our gut, improving digestion, metabolism, bone health, mood, sleep and overall immunity. Other top-of-the-pop reasons to consume probiotics, antioxidants or live bacteria is that it boosts the health of intestinal cells and balances your gut. It helps with gas, bloating and a whole range of ghastly gut-related issues, even weight loss!


How sustainable is Bhu Kombucha as a brand?

We try and keep most parts of our process sustainable, but understand there is a certain cost to manufacturing, labels and packaging. We are trying to reduce our eco-footprint as we go ahead. We only use glass and alum. And are doing extensive research to avoid plastic for our ferments. This Diwali we also planted a grove of trees, instead of going the usual route of giveaways, freebies and mithai! 

How is Bhu Kombucha different from the other ones in the market?

We consider our taste to be singularly the best. And yes even if we say so ourselves. But our clients agree too. Bhu’s distinctive sweet and sour flavour comes through a meticulous brewing process to ensure a full plate of beneficial acids, vitamins, and probiotics. A second ferment is then carried out with the freshest (mostly organic), all-natural ingredients;spices and produce chosen for their benefits.  


What were your initial struggles while launching the product in the market?

Teaching the market about kombucha. Our biggest challenge has been product awareness. We are also trying to create a shelf stable product with consistent quality as we scale. I firmly believe in slow and steady growth, because that ensures we keep the integrity of our product intact. Today shelves are full of kombucha brands. I love seeing that explosion, just hope we can keep true to the tenets of fermentation.  Having people walk into stores and ask for kombucha is something that still blows my mind. 

The brand has grown as I learned how businesses are run. And this is the first year we have a full team and many other new beginnings in the pipeline. Follow us on IG to keep abreast of our milestones and our new products!


We’ve seen various flavours of Kombucha on your site. Which one would you recommend trying first?  In your opinion, what’s the best way to consume them? 

Ahh! I do love the product innov part of my job. Choosing a fav flavour is like asking which of my children i love the most. But since you asked, I would put it this way. Warm or Love for when you want something sweeter. Electric for a sexy mixer w your fav spirit of choice. Spicy for a mid day refresh. I love Spark for its dry bold flavour. Heal for when I want to well, heal lol. Revive is a great coffee replacement. And Pukka well is just the OG you know, good anytime. Drink cold. Drink over ice. Drink with your fav booze.

How has the response been so far to your products?

Well I continue to be amazed by when we get new orders from the places we stock at. It humbles me. And astonishes me.

Buy their refreshing kombuchas here and follow them on Instagram- @bhu.kombucha

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