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If I tell you spirits or entities from another dimension or another reality are communicating with us, would you believe me? Sounds creepy, yes? The apt word you’re looking for is ‘otherworldly’ here. However, many spiritually inclined believe that we’re been talked to by the universe, well, not in any earthly language anyway, but yes, in ways us earthly beings don’t have the proven knowledge to interpret the signs. We’re constantly communicated with by guiding forces that remain unseen by our naked eye. There are plenty of signs out there but are we seeking them? Do we even know what to look for? Whatever you might want to call it – God, the universe, intuition, ET, believe it or not, it’s all happening. If your current frame of mind is alone, lost, misguided, unsupported, clueless, you’ve reached the right place, or many spiritual folks will argue that you’ve been guided here. Whatever the reason might be, know that tuning into your deeper consciousness and allowance of being guided will make your life a lot less of a conundrum and an infinite valley of possibilities for you to devour.

Since our human knowledge is very limited in this physical world, we’re bereft of the otherworldly experiences and therefore, to tap into these and connect with them one must pay keen attention to the subtle and encrypted ways the universe tries to communicate.

Before we get to decoding these messages…
know that the only way this is possible is to first believe and trust and relinquish all limiting beliefs. The key is to be more present and be in an observing space of mind. If you’re stuck overthinking, over- analysing and worrying about an imagined future or a present, you’re going to miss the calling of the universe to deliver an important message.

I’m not a firm believer of any particular belief per se, however, I’m a firm believer of signs. I speak from personal experience here, every time something unexpected has happened, I’ve noticed that I’ve gotten a sign about it beforehand or most times, very much in the moment. What you call a miracle, I call it a calculated move by the universe to teach me an important lesson. There’s no Casper, the friendly ghost, like in the cartoons, or a Morgan Freeman from Bruce Almighty or a Mufasa talking in the form of clouds to Simba, it’s kind of like that if I look at it metaphorically. The signs you get are less dramatic and integrated into the mundane structures of your life. You’ve got to be listening and be more present and know when, where, how, and most importantly, what! The universe isn’t a separate entity, it’s within all of us, around all of us, we breathe it and hence, it’s woven in the ordinary moments of our life – that basically means, you can get a sign while working away ridiculous hours, while driving, while doing dishes, while having sex, absolutely whenever. These signs are highly customised to your situation, tailor made by the universe for you and only you to hear them, see them, feel them and integrate them. Let me tell you, there’s no logic to this, and definitely no science will back this up, you need to decode it intuitively and from however and whatever you see it as. First things first, you need to detach from your fears and be in the space of full allowance to be guided and willing to receive the message that will change your life forever.

In my experience, here are some, if not all, ways the universe talks to us:


  1. Random encounters with people:

You hate your current job and out of nowhere your ride to work, an Uber driver sparks a conversation about how frustrated he is with his job. Not only him, every other person you meet either hates their boss, their job, or the sticky situation they’re in at work. This is a clear sign that the universe is trying to convey in the form of random interactions with people. The universe has a way of using people as messengers to carry out a message to you. These chance encounters trigger a deep knowing inside of you, they instigate for you to self reflect and urge you to act in favour of your highest good.


  1. Synchronous signs:

This is one of the most powerful ways the universe speaks to you and one starts to have similar recycled experiences more often. Seeing the same or similar connected things again and again, means you’re being aligned in synchronously. For instance, seeing a particular colour, a name or a word repeatedly, isn’t coincidence. Synchronicity as a sign means you’re on the right path to wherever you’re led to.


  1. Numerics

Coming across the same pattern of numbers such as 11:11 on your clock, randomly on a car number plate, or seeing 12:34 on your phone when you pick it up to read a text message (funnily, I just saw 3:33 on a WhatsApp message!) – all these have hidden, coded meanings. Each number sequence can have a particular meaning assigned to it. There’s an entire science dedicated to the study of numbers and their significance called numerology. P.S. – I know people who set an alarm on their phone at 5:55 or 2:22 thinking they’ll set themselves into alignment, it doesn’t work that way, the universe knows!

  1. Music and songs:

Pay attention to the lyrics of the song that randomly plays on the radio, the car radio or on someone’s stereo or someone passing by humming a tune – there might be a message in there for you. I keep hearing Halo by Beyoncé all the time, and I feel a very strong connection to the song, I associate it not with a life partner but an ode to the higher power. Every time it plays I feel something move inside of me.

  1. Dreams:

Recurrent dreams about something or someone are another way of reinforcing the signs coming from another world about your world. Especially if a dream felt super real! Look into the meaning of dreams to see what they signify. It’s usually dramatic and cryptic – a unicorn talking to you at a bar, or you being at war in a battlefield, it can be anything. Nightmares on the other hand can help reveal a deeper insecurity or a fear that you haven’t really known and is in need of healing.


  1. Random thoughts:

The inherent nature of thoughts of the mind is random, but imagine this – you’re working on an important project and a tight deadline, and some random thought pops up in your head, out of the blue – this can be a random idea, a solution to an ongoing problem or something that poses to be an inspiration to start something new. It’s random and not pre-planned. If you suddenly think of your mother in the middle of a meeting, maybe you ought to call her, she needs you right now!


  1. Pains and aches in the body:

Louise Hay talks in depth about problems of the body and significance and a solution to it in her book HEAL YOUR BODY Physical pain, ailments and diseases are all symptomatic of something gone awry. This can be a sign that you need a lifestyle change. Many believe that ailments also have spiritual causes that manifest in the form of physical ailments. Remember the so-called ‘commitment’ rash Carrie Bradshaw gets when she tries on a wedding dress? It was trying to tell her something about the ‘big’ mistake she was about to make!


  1. Nature:

Animals, birds, flowers, trees, water, hills, crystals; all have some hidden meaning. Pay keen attention to what you are drawn to, what you are called to. For instance, eagles are a spiritual representation of awareness and a time to soar higher. I keep seeing this Indian grey hornbill right outside my window (I wonder what it has to say!). Also, I won’t call myself a beach or a mountain person, but every time I’ve gotten a sign or a calling, and I’ve responded by going, something miraculous has happened and I’ve always returned a changed and a more evolved person.


  1. Things not working out!:

You might be getting nudged in a different direction and you can’t see it. For instance, your car breaks down, you get sick suddenly, an interview you’ve been waiting for so long just randomly gets cancelled. These are not in our control and we have to accept these setbacks and move along. The universe might be trying to nudge you into a different direction. It can also mean that you’re ready to receive this at the moment, or are vibing at a low frequency. The universe is trying to tell you that you need to vibrate higher.

Note: pay attention if the above mentioned signs keep happening repeatedly. Repetition, recurrence and recycled experiences means that the universe is definitely trying to tell you something and lead you to a path that’s meant for you. So Neo, what’s it going to be? – the blue pill or the red pill?

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